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About Me.

My passion is all about bringing new concepts to life. Whether it be a new business solution or design concept, I love utilizing my broad range of skills to create something truly amazing.

The artist

My foundation rests on being a classically trained artist. My focus is on realism and anatomy which has trained me to be very detailed oriented in delivery, but always playful during explorations.

The prototyper

I’ll find any way to create fast prototypes – paper, legos, applications, you name it! My focus is on interaction design as it is a crucial step to understanding how something might be utilized realistically by the end user.

The facilitator

Through my formal training at LUMA Institute for Human-Centered Design and the study of Google Ventures’ Design Sprints, I have facilitated numerous Design Sprints with stakeholders from all levels of business. My focus is bringing out all voices in the room so that every idea is heard, encouraging diversity of thought to drive innovative solutions.

The strategist

Through my experience with running a web design and development company – Never Gravity, I have helped build and grow businesses from many different industries. I work with owners to streamline operations and identify potential growth opportunities during my time consulting on their projects.

The developer

love to code. I write HTML, CSS, Javascript , and a little PHP. My focus is primarily on responsive design and creating automations through custom code and leveraging 3rd party APIs.

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