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Hi, I’m Dan.

I solve big problems through design and create beautiful realities that people want to live in. With a broad range of experience in research, design, and development, I lead teams toward a “big picture” vision. I help cut costs, automate processes, and create smarter solutions, faster. I am a fan of 80’s aesthetics, write a lot of code, and have a passion for sleek design.

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A Human-Centered Approach

Through deep empathy research and design sprints, I help teams create fast solutions that meet business goals and exceed customer expectations. Bringing customer insights into the design process helps align stakeholders to a shared vision, making difficult decisions easier to overcome. 

Graphics & UI Design

With 10+ years experience in graphic and interface design, I’ve worked on numerous projects ranging from websites and mobile apps to marketing and graphic novels. 

Rapid Prototyping

I turn designs into interactive experiences to get fast feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Being close to research, design, and following with fast prototyping helps ensure that insights and design direction are accurately translated into a tangible experience. I use Sketch + Flinto for the fastest results.

Web Development

With experience in hand-coding websites using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery I can adapt frameworks to create custom designs, while maintaining the usability of the interface. I have worked with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Ruby, and can also develop from the ground-up. I have developed solutions for clients that automate human jobs and streamline business processes. 

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